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About the Rustic Bistro


We want to tell you about The Rustic Bistro in Hawkinsville, GA. We're much more than a restaurant offering the best food for miles around; we're an eating destination where family and friends come together to enjoy fabulous home-cooked meals and good times. At The Rustic Bistro, we pride ourselves in the preparation of delicious, homemade food, that is made from scratch and cooked to order with fresh ingredients sourced lcoally when possible. Favorite meals are served in a cozy setting with an ambiance you will find nowhere else in the area.

From the mayo in our chicken salad  to our homemade pizza dough to the sausage in our meatloaf, everything is prepared in our kitchen. Like freshly made Pesto on your Pizza? We have you covered as we make that too!

All food is cooked to order, never prepared in advance and left to sit under a heat lamp until it is served to you. Yes, it takes us a bit longer to do it this way, but you can taste the difference. Besides our sandwiches, including our famous Philly Cheesesteak and our meat-topped pizzas, we offer many non-meat items for our vegetarian friends.

Our bakery cases are filled with fresh homemade cookies, cakes, scones, and other baked goodies, and our wait staff makes sure you have a great dining experience. The Rustic Bistro also caters. Owners Paul and Chef Patronne Susan Puccinelli cordially invite you to drop by today to discover a world where fresh and delicious, home-style cooking is an everyday event.

Salad and Entree