Daily Specials 1/28/2023Line

We are open today for takeout, sit down, and curbside delivery services. 

All our sanitizing and cleaning protocols are still in force even though all Covid-19 restrictions have been lifed.

So come in and safely enjoy a fresh, cooked to order (no heat lamps here) multiple award-winning lunch!

Your crunchy salad, scrumptious sandwich, savory burger with homecut fries, pizza perfection on our homemade crust or even a simple bowl of soup will be waiting for you!!

Handsfree take out ordering is available by phone or by using the order online page on this website!

And don't forget that you can now park behind the Hawkinsville Dispatch and News athanks to the generocity of Chuck Southerland!!

***SPECIAL NOTICE:  Don't forget to enjoy one of Susan's award wining desserts and one of our new Lattes, Cappuccinos or Americanos!!

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